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Our Vision

We envision an empowered society where duty bearers are accountable and responsive to the citizenry’ demands through constructive engagement.

Our Mission

To promote collaborative and mutual engagement between duty bearers and the citizens to improve service delivery, greater budget transparency and open contracting by strengthening the voice, capacities and opportunities of citizens to participate in planning, and budget processes, involvement in the governance, monitoring and oversight of service delivery that lead to poverty reduction, and improvement of lives.


We seek to work in collaboration with like-minded people and institutions to eradicate all forms of suffering, indignity and desolateness resulting from high levels of corruption, abuse of public resources, exclusion and low citizen participation. We aim to strengthen capacities of citizens to demand better quality public services and hold service providers accountable

Our Fundamental Commitment

Despite various respectable stakeholders’ efforts, we are perturbed by the increasing levels of mismanagement of public resources and poor service delivery causing vicious levels of poverty and sufferings. These conditions continue to lead into permanent loss of human dignity and in worse case scenarios; needless loss of lives. We therefore commit ourselves to fill the gaps left by the interventions of other institutions. In partnership with stakeholders; we undertake to work with citizens, government and service providers to create a transparent and responsive society.

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